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Sinthia holds the little pudgy round robot cupped in her hands, casing cracked and one lens-eye missing and a stubby circular wing snapped off and broken into pieces in her pocket. She does this sometimes--where the boys, the newer generations of androids went out and tussled, got themselves banged up and bent so they needed to be hammered back out, Sinthia collected bits of other discarded droids, the useful ones Darcy could use to repair Steve and Bucky. The boys always needed it.

She’d never collected another whole thing before, though she thought nothing of it when she brought back in the little remote pokobot, still talking to it so it would learn her voice and command language, like a human would have brought in a puppy with the pleading look of but he followed me home can’t I keep him. It was broken, and so far removed from her android iteration that it might as well have been from the Stone Age. Her creased brows and the uncomprehending but worried look did the trick; Darcy repaired the damage as best she could. It’s once-gleaming white polymer casing was now scuffed and gray, one foot mismatched entirely, but it worked and the unsynched eyes would, eventually, follow her. Sinthia kept it on top of the control box for her recharging station and would talk to it, let it turn the lights on and off.

“You know that thing’s not real,” Bucky told her matter-of-factly after Sinthia had almost punched him for jostling the box enough that Poko--her name for the pet robot--had fallen off.

“Neither are we,” she answered, tucking her hair behind her ear as she plugged herself in to recharge for the night.

So a pokobot is my made-up term for something like this, which is a universal remote robot called the apripoko, borrowed from the italian phrase for little by little. Also I have no idea what this is about or when it's set but it came to me. So. Uh. Yay?

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WHAT. Bucky would totally be the one that comes closest to rebreaking her pet robot before he starts letting it grow on him. It'd be all annoying and shit at first, too, and chirp back orders it was given hours ago and waking them all up and they'd make Sinthia tell it to shut down and go to sleep, and she'd hate being mean to it so she'd hold it all night while she recharged.

. . . you broke my brain. what did you do. 8(

on 2014-06-16 08:40 am (UTC)
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jus tbecause it's true doesn't mean I have to like it!!! also we have a community now!! even if I don't know what to post.

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IDK, you could post morning wake-up stuff. Which of them wakes up first and unplugs and what human-adopted morning rituals they do? Or the boys coming back from a mission all banged up AS APPARENTLY THEY ARE WONT TO DO.


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