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Title: various (10 drabbles, all the prompts are functioning as titles here)
Author: Me, duh.
Warnings: Uh, some slashiness? Not in all of them. But it's pretty clear I ship Chekov/Sulu like nothin' else.

1) won't be home for Christmas

It only really occurred to Pavel once December hit on his calendar that he wouldn't be home for Christmas. It wasn't the first time; he'd stayed at the Academy for two winters to finish or take new courses, devouring the material as he discovered that winters in San Francisco were so much milder than in Russia, and he could even sit outside to read his textbooks on Christmas Day! He'd had to come in for a few hours, of course, to receive a video call from his parents wanting to talk to their brilliant son studying halfway around the world.

2) epiphany

January sixth rolled around, and Chekov had been humming an epiphany song under his breath the entire shift. It was a pleasant enough melody, or so Sulu thought, until he had to hear it stop, pause, then start over again for the twenty-eighth time.
"Will you stop it!" he snapped at the young and babyfaced navigator beside him at the console, making Uhura whip her head around and blink at the startled-into-silence Pavel Chekov.
"A-a...yes," he stammered, shoulders tense as he swung back towards his console, eerily silent.

Sulu made it up to him later.

3) shopping

The first time he ever got hit on by another man was when Gaila had dragged him out shopping for the holidays; her excuse was that he could save himself a trip and keep her company. Pavel didn't argue--it was really difficult to do that with an Orion to begin with, and Pavel liked Gaila. So he went, and had gotten her a blown glass ornament in replica of her home planet, which he nearly dropped when the stranger came up with a slick smile to ask if he had company.

He held it tight at the memorial service.

4) young

Being the youngest cadet at Starfleet Academy was one thing; Pavel reconciled that fairly easily. Some of the things that came with it he wasn't so adept at; a group of other cadets--all male and all at least half a foot taller than he--caught him on his way to an evening class once with a stack of padds held to his chest like a shield. He'd come away with nothing broken, but the next time after he'd discovered they all shared a temporal mechanics course, he'd gotten sent to a doctor by his professor for a broken nose.

5) champagne

"Who gave the kid alcohol?" McCoy didn't exactly roar, but it was close. Sulu's very nervous hand rose, not really wanting to speak.

"He was totally fine until he stood up and then he passed out," he said quickly, glancing at Pavel who had his hands against his temples and a pained expression on his face wavering into nausea every few minutes. He'd had vodka once before in Academy, though he'd neglected to tell Hikaru that before he'd been given the bottle of champagne.

McCoy just glared at him. "You get to deal with the whizkid having a hangover, then."

6) ribbon

His first year at the Conservatory he missed his parents; they sent him a box that year--contained in another that had been taped into an annoyingly hermetic seal--wrapped in a pretty silver ribbon that had blue sparkling curlicues on it, and blue thread on the edges. What was in the box he'd forgotten by now, but he kept the ribbon coiled into a storage cube along with holograms of his family. He'd tied that same ribbon around a bunch of replicated candy canes on his desk on Christmas Eve, the first Christmas he ever spent on the Enterprise.

7) snowed in

Pavel hadn't seen snow since he left Russia for the Academy. In St. Petersburg snow had always been thick and white and fluffy and delightfully cold, but not in San Francisco. There it was always warm, balmy enough to stay outside most days of the year without any real problems aside from rain.

This had not stopped him from laughing hard enough to give himself the hiccups when on the first day of winter he returned to the dormitory to find one Jim Kirk dropping cupfuls of shaved fluffy ice in front of the building door. "We're being snowed in."

8) gambling

He could barely see over the pile of plastic chips that formed a half-circle of varying thickness around his hands; not that he really had to, since it was just he and Commander Spock playing anymore. Pavel was counting cards and probabilities as fast as his brain would go, and Spock was just...hard to read. The other officers, out of the game already, were sitting around the edges of the table watching them play poker.

He blushed when he heard McCoy lean over to Kirk and mutter a wager: Ten bucks on the whizkid to beat the hobgoblin.

9) gingerbread

The replicator in the mess hall had never gotten such a dirty look before, not even from Spock when he'd tried to make it produce Plomeek soup. (Why he wanted to eat something with the relative consistency of wallpaper paste, Chekov did not know.) But gingerbread, he'd thought, would be simple enough. He'd made it as a child in Russia, thick dark dough getting inevitably all over his hands despite the flour his mother coated them with. Sulu was laughing at his adorably stormy expression as he spat the stuff out.

"...Gingerbread should not taste like...zat. Is not cardboard."

10) Northern Lights

Uhura had never seen the Northern Lights. Pavel was surprised; he'd grown up staring at the dancing ribbons of light in the sky, as if the stars put on a show just for him as he lay in a slowly warming snow cocoon to watch them. When they were finally able to beam the away crew up from that other Earth, he motioned for the Lieutenant to follow him to the viewscreen on the bridge to see the curl of light dancing over the planet's surface, tendrils flowing away like ripples of neon water.

The sight took her breath away.
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