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...And why I cannot refuse some of them.

So some of you know I'm planning to do a cosplay of China Mieville's character Carrianne from The Scar, and short of some final pieces I'm almost entirely done with that. It'll be a fair mix of Native American and Middle Eastern (primarily Turkish) styles of clothing, and all the colors I can get my hands on, because Armada is a floating pirate city, there are not regularly-supplied textile shops there. It's coming along nicely, and I figure if all else fails and my group does not cosplay with me, I will be a multicultural steampunk-ish character and will be fine.

But today I got presented with the idea of a genderswapped Thorin Oakenshield. It is absolutely not a secret that I have a huge, huge, huge thing for that character and adore the representation of him in the Peter Jackson films. So, I began actually thinking about doing it. I know the first question most of you will ask is, of course: are you doing the beard too? and to be honest I haven't decided. I've tried gluing crepe wool to my face with spirit gum before and the whole experience sucked. A lot. So I really may not do one and I will be okay with that. But I figure, if I can pull off this cosplay it would do a lot for my love of the character and positivity for plus-size cosplayers. That said...I am undecided on a lot of the costume; what materials I should use for both authenticity and coolness, and opinions on the bits I've got planned so far. Instead of making a shitload of little rune-stamped shapes for a genuine brigandine, I was figuring pop-tab chainmail layered over a blue tunic would be an appropriate substitute for the actual brigandine he wears. And from there, all I'd need is jeans--got those--the bracers, which I can make, and the shoes and overtunic. (No way in hell I'm wearing a fur-lined coat anywhere not wintery cold and north of the Mason-Dixon line, sorry.)

The shoes are what actually presents me the biggest problem; maybe if I can find some mens cheapy boots at a goodwill or something I can make the toe-caps and wrap belts around the shaft to make it look thick enough, but I have issues finding boots that fit my legs, since I've got relatively narrow ankles and big calves. The tunic I can sew no problem--it doesn't have sleeves, I can roll with that easy.

More thoughts to come.


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