Oct. 12th, 2013 12:56 am
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I was accomplished this week. I made lots of candy; caramels, divinity, and shortbread, and tomorrow I'm trying brandy snaps as well as more divinity--for my uncle this time--and shortbread for me, and will hopefully have pictures of some of the processes once I'm actually done with them. I mailed all the caramels off to their respective locations--so be on the lookout, those of you who requested them! I want to know how they are.

I also threaded a lot with people both in Milliways and out, and I feel good about that. Work still progresses on the sekrit-epic-needlepoint-of-doom, and it's coming closer and closer to being done at last! I can't wait to see it all completed, because just looking at it makes me happy. In church news I've got a bunch of new music to play, for whenever I get to play my flute again, and we're working on Handel's Awake the Trumpet's Lofty Sound for an offertory or communion piece sometime in the near future, and I absolutely love that song. I've never seen the whole oratorio, but it's Handel and I love him, and he wasn't nearly as musically all over the map as, say, Bach. Though I love him too.

It's going pretty okay, all in all. I'm happy with myself more often than I was, which is a huge deal. I've pruned down and prettied up my muse list and am trying to not feel bad about playing those of them that are loud, and not letting myself feel bullied into doing anything I don't want to.

I'm gonna be okay. Really.


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